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    Christian Books,Movies & Other Activities Empty Christian Books,Movies & Other Activities

    Post  Founder on Fri Sep 02, 2011 4:13 pm

    Are you looking for some ideas about family friendly Christian books or movies that you don't have to be afraid to share with your kids, or other activities that you could enjoy either with someone else or just for yourself? Well, this is the place we hope to list all those things.

    For starters, here are some of the movies that I have enjoyed that are Christian flicks:

    Peter and Paul--with Anthony Hopkins.\
    The Nativity Story
    The Passion of the Christ
    The Secret Life of Jonathan Sperry
    One Night with the King
    Prince of Egypt
    all of the Narnia movies (yes, they are Christian films)
    Pilgrims Progress

    What about you? Books or movies or tv shows that you would share with others?

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