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    Setting Up Your Profile


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    Setting Up Your Profile Empty Setting Up Your Profile

    Post  Khaat on Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:14 am

    One of the first things you're going to want to do is to set up your profile after you register. Underneath the banner is a navigation bar, and in that is a link that says "Profile." Click on that.

    You will see your user name, and your email address, and an opportunity to change your password if you should desire to. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD UNLESS YOU SERIOUSLY INTEND TO CHANGE IT! Believe me, they are hard to remember when you start changing them just because you can. LOL

    The next line allows other members to know whether you are male or female. You can choose this or not.

    You can enter your birthday or not. And, yes, it does calculate your age.

    You can enter your location. Some people enjoy seeing where other members are from. Some other members use this place as a place for a little humor--such as "in front of the TV", etc.

    You can tell others a bit about you, like what your job is, what your interests are, your hobbies, etc. And you can leave comments.

    The second tab in your profile is called Preferences. This allows you to set things like how will you know if someone responds to a thread you have posted in, or if they have sent you a Private Message. One of the most important thing for you to do is to set the time zone to be appropriate with where you live. The clock works off of Grenich mean time zones. For example, if you life in the same time zone as New York, use the drop down menu and select the time zone that is the same time as New York--ie, UTC-5. Simply hit save, and then the computer will readjust the time for you. Don't worry that the minute you select a new time zone, it doesn't change the time for you. You must hit save in order for the computer to readjust your settings.

    The next spot is a place to mount your siggys. A siggy is a graphic signature. Remember, siggys here can not be any larger than 550 x 400 pixels. Otherwisse they will stretch the board and we will be asking you to resize them.

    The next tab allows you to set an avatar. The avatar is the picture that appears with your name in your post. It is a small, thumbnail sort of picture, and yes, you can use your own photo if you choose, or you can use thumbnail pictures that you have already saved on your computer and want to upload so that it appears next to your name. If you have difficulties with this, contact an admin for help.

    The next tab allows you to set up who your friends on the site are. It allows you to set up Foes, as well, but Administration strongly discourages making use of the Foes setting.

    The next tab allows you to keep track of threads you have participated in. This becomes very handy if you participate in a lot of threads at the same time. It can get easy to forget where all you've posted.

    The next tab, Favourites, allows you to keep track of those threads you like the most and visit the most.

    If you have any questions, please speak up! We're always glad to help!


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