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    Site Rules and Guidelines Empty Site Rules and Guidelines

    Post  Founder on Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:42 am

    Welcome to Touched By Fire! This is a worldwide, family friendly forum style website where all of the Body of Christ can come together in a nondenominational manner in order to not only bond together but to further our study of the mighty word of God and find how to walk it out together more effectively as Jesus would have us do.

    The first thing we'd really like you to do is to read this post in order to find out how TBF works and how to get started.

    This site is designed to be family friendly. It is our goal that it is a safe spot online for ALL the children of God--whether they be 6 or 60. No post that contains inappropriate material will be allowed to stand. It will be removed by the administration.

    •Please register with your user name. If you have never been on a website before, then let me define that for you. A user name is the name you select to use when you are on the site. It does NOT have to be your "real life" name, and most people will not select that. That's fine. When you register yourself, please register your user name and the email site you will check most often for emails and notices this site sends to you.

    Any member who does not post at least one time every 90 days will be listed as an inactive member.

    TBF is a site for all ages, regardless of education, regardless of grammar or punctuation or proper spelling. As a family friendly site, we encourage you to use the best grammar, spelling and punctuation that you can in order for others to understand what you have to say.

    PLEASE, don't change the default sizes or colors of your fonts. There are provisions within the post blocks to use bold, italics, underscores, strikethroughs, and to do a great many other things. Please use these things wisely as some of these things can be seen as "shouting" on the internet. Please be polite to all other site members at all times. Impoliteness may result in a member being either suspended or banned from the site, and al decisions of sitte administration are final.

    We gladly welcome ALL children of God who don't speak English as their first language. Please tell the admins if you have trouble with English if it becomes an issue while you are on site.

    We absolutely do not allow graphic descriptions of cursing, sex and, especially, violence on TBF.

    Respect all the members. Cursing, references to sex or violence are never appropriate and will not be tolerated.

    If you have a site that is family friendly that you would like to advertise, please list it in the advertising topic. Here is the link:

    We prefer that your signatures are not larger than 550x400 in total. We aren't going to go around measuring, but as long as it's not obviously larger, it's fine. If it is, we will PM you and ask you to change it, then if you don't the image will be removed/made smaller and/or your text (size) will be removed/made smaller.

    Avatars cannot exceed 150x200. If it does, we will PM you and/or it will be removed or made smaller.

    Please do not spam. This means doubleposting, posting off topic, posting too much in the games section.

    Please do not troll. Urban Dictionary defines trolling as: "One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument." A post that appears to administration to be trolling will be removed.

    Please do not flame. Again, thanks to Urban Dictionary for the definition this site is borrowing. Flaming is: "To engage in an online argument usually involving unfounded personal attacks by one or more parties." A post that appears to administration to be flaming will be removed.

    The disciplines that the admins choose are always designed to teach and to not be punitive, but they will always be designed to maintain the integrity of the site for everyone. Disciples will depend on which rule you break. Some are relatively minor (like the signature and avatar rules) and the admin will just Private Message you to tell you to change it. Others, such as; advertising, graphic descriptions of violence in your posts, or being constantly rude to members, will be punished with a 7-14 day suspension. If you break it again, you will be permanently banned from the site.

    These rules are subject to change, but there will be an announcement in the Announcements forum if there are any major changes.

    Most importantly, have fun! That's what its all about!

    Many thanks to Darren for the core of this post, from which this post was designed, and also to Urban Dictionary for their definitions.

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